what's C O J O ?

· noun
 derives from the first two letters of 2 important last names in my life :
a. Codd future
b. Jones present


as a working, millennial mom of twin toddlers + a 6 yr old, I like to keep things simple, basic, but a good basic. that’s why here, we are focused on quality essentials for busy parents becuase (trust me) I get it!

we let you workout the kinks and we provide the basics.

this baby brand focuses on experiences. with high standards + high quality, we work with ethical sourced manufactures overseas + provide premium eco-friendly packaging. 

in today’s world, it’s important to take a minute and SLOW down. when I decided to start my shop, I wanted to create a brand that stood for something. so I decided to be mindful in ways that I can control when providing products to my customers. I am FAR from perfect but in my journey, I want to save a tree or two and make sure fair labor is priority!


from Florida with love,